Saturday, February 23, 2008

Storm Chaser

Many Christians have what we call a life-verse. It is a passage of scripture, a chapter, or some may even have an entire book that connects with their lives. It sums up their world view or it is a promise to which they claim and cling. My life-verse is the forty-sixth chapter of Psalms. It begins, "God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble." Martin Luther declared that this entire chapter was the biblical basis for his hymn "A Mighty Fortress." That is why Tammy and I had this hymn played at our wedding and we opened her funeral with it. One day it will be played again at my funeral. Our God is a mighty fortress. My heart is lifted today to praise Him and lift Him higher. I want others to see how great is our God.

I am amazed by people who chase storms. I watch National Geographic as well as Discovery channel whenever they highlight storm chasers. I wonder what kind of fools get so close to the great tornados that sweep the great plains of this country. I want to make an observation. We spend a great amount of time running from trouble. We avoid them, pray to be spared from them, brace ourselves when we see them coming. Jesus did not do that. Jesus deliberately goes to wherever people are caught in life's swirling, tossing trouble. He really does draw near to those who are being crushed and broken.

In Mark chapter five, Jesus is getting out of a boat that landed on the far side of the Sea of Tiberius, Jesus saw a storm of trouble coming his way—a poor man who had been possessed and tormented by demons for some time. With a simple word, the demons were forced to relocate. Imagine the drama. Pigs squealing, people cursing, the wind sweeping the hillside, the terror of the dark spiritual world exposed: all make for a scene which makes the hair on your neck stand at attention. A man drops to the ground as if dead, when in fact he’s never been more alive. He is now free, seated at the feet of Jesus like a child full of amazement, endearing love, and wonder that will not allow him to take his wide eyes off of Jesus. Jesus’ disciples can’t take their wide eyes off the man. Their minds race as they try to figure out how they’re going to describe the scene to their wives when they get home.

As Jesus leaves the region, this man pleads to go with him. Jesus refuses, sending the man home back to his family as a "show and tell" project for God's power. The scripture says: "So the man went away and began to tell in the Decapolis how much Jesus had done for him. And all the people were amazed." Today, I am amazed by this man's story. I’m amazed at a Savior who chases storms because he knows there are people in the vortex, people he alone can save. He is the Savior who is our refuge, one who saves and helps in our present trouble. He is my refuge and strength. I praise Him in my home and the surrounding cities because he alone sets me free. He alone is my comfort and help.

Last week I took Tyler to Union University for the second time. We moved him into a new apartment. We purchased new clothes, sheets, linens and junk food. It was not as emotionally difficult to take my son the second time, until we said goodbye. My tears flowed and we embraced again in prayer. I got in my truck, and every square inch of the interior reeked with loneliness. I didn’t want to be in that cab alone. This time I knew what to do. I prayed, "Lord, you are my very present help in times of trouble, I am not alone, you are here with me and you are my ‘enough.’ I trust you to go with me all the way home. I don't know where the feeling went, but it was gone. I didn’t hear squealing in the distance but I felt like a man sitting at the feet of Jesus in awe.

Thank You Lord Jesus for being a storm chaser for me!

Ed Litton


Anonymous said...

Pastor Ed,

Thank you for listening to the Lord and for letting Him use you to present His word to us. I can see a storm building in front of me in my personal circumstances. I don't know if God will blow it over and let this one pass me or if I will have to endure it. Either way, He will be glorified and I will be secured with Him. This current series has reminded me of that.

Jennifer Blake said...

Pastor Ed-
I think Shane was going to send you an email but not sure if he did. We are just an hour from Jackson if Tyler should need anything- home cooking, laundry, etc or if there is an emergency.

We've been praying for you guys.

Jennifer Blake

Brian said...

Pastor Ed:

I love your articles - this one was terrific. You are a gifted writer.

Jason is a good friend of mine - you all have a terrific church.

Brian, from Ohio

Stephanie said...

Pastor Ed,
Know you and your family are being lifted to the Father. Allow His hand of comfort to rest on your weary souls. He is great and mighty to be praised! Dad has spoken these words to my heart may they be a comfort to your family. Romans 8:26-39. Stephanie Rowe

AmberG said...

I pray with passion when I think of the time that I will let my little ones go because they are not little anymore. To not hear their noise will be difficult. So now I pray for you as your children venture into the world. I also pray God's hand over them!

Anonymous said...

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Paige said...

Psalm 46 is mine too. :)

Anonymous said...

Pastor Ed, while I am not a member of your church, a friend of mine, who is a member, emailed me your blog. As always, her emails to me send to come directly through God. Even though she and I do not talk daily or even weekly, she will know exactly what to send to me - and it is always in love and guidance from My Heavenly Father. At thim moments, I truly know without a doubt that the Lord has His hand on your shoulder, and He is whispering into your heart what He wants you to share with others. I thank God for you, the message you send, and especially for my best friend, Donna Cumbest, who is an immense blessing to not only her family and her church family, but also to me.
Thanks again,
Pam Evans