Monday, January 30, 2006

Fatherless America

Ed Litton (Left) his son Tyler Litton and his father Harry Litton (US-Navy Retired)
D Day Museum, New Orleans

This Blog is here to encourage and support men in their role as fathers and leaders in the home. It is based on the firm conviction that in the battle for our homes, churches and culture, God’s principle weapon is a father. My aim is to encourage fathers, define biblical fatherhood, and set a practical course for men to come back to the place of spiritual leadership in the home. It is time to return to the home as the center of faith development. I will often address the current condition and result of fatherlessness. The impact of fatherlessness is profoundly felt in the home, church and culture. For over 150 years there has been a drift from away from biblical fatherhood on our continent. The effect of a broadening fatherlessness is profound. Cultural indicators are spiking into the danger zone, but the response of church leaders is seldom effective.
We will examine the biblical root of the father’s role in the Hebrew culture of the book of Deuteronomy. Discovering the foundation of fatherhood’s purpose provides a basis by which we can reclaim that role and begin turning the tide in this long- standing culture battle. While the biblical basis of fatherhood is important, the transforming power of Jesus upon the hearts of men is the key element to this cultural turnaround. The end result of my vision and dream is not a “perfect parenting” movement, but a biblical world-view passed safely from one generation to the next.