Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Elephant in the Room

This phrase is a part of our common vernacular. It is used to describe something that is obvious by its size but we do not choose to talk about it. We ignore "It." Maybe "It" is too obvious. Maybe the subject is too painful. Whatever the reason, we need to acknowledge the big bad boy and talk about it if we ever hope to deal with it.

I will be launching a sermon series soon with this title. I hope to address from God's Word some "Elephants in the Room" of our local church. The unique thing about this series is that it will move in and out of my preaching schedule as randomly as a big fat elephant would do. Look for one of those Elephants in the Room Sermons in July 2011.

This blog is one of those Elephant in the Room issues. I have not written in it since April of 2010. I miss it. I am amazed people still read it. I want to continue writing of my journey in the hope that God will use it to encourage, strengthen and help others on their journey. Alright, I have at the least addressed the Big Fat Elephant in the Room.

If you want to hear a message that addresses the Elephant in the Room of Sorrow, Suffering and what to do with it, then listen to this message from June 26, 2010 at


wvbees said...

I have missed your blog. Your writings inspire and teach me.

Polycarp said...

What if "it" will cost you everything you have ever called life? What if "it" will lead you to a place where you know that you can never return? What if "it" truly is to much to bear? Will you truly hold to, "through Christ all things are possible,"? or will you play the part of Peter on the lake, sinking in the waves?