Saturday, November 22, 2008

Out of the Valley

Today I’m wrestling with a question. Does there come a point when you realize you’re beyond the valley of the shadow of death spoken of in David’s 23rd Psalm—when you labor through to a sunlit upland where the music of birds explodes and color splashes the sky and gloriously drapes the landscape? Is it a sudden awakening or a slow realization? I’m sure the answers are as individual as grief is itself. Fifteen months after I entered this valley where death lingers like a shadow, I’m not sure where I stand.

Though I’ve been helped along these switchback trails by the tracks of others before me, the way has often been hard—no, impossible to navigate. Like many difficult hikes I’ve taken in life, I started this journey with my head down, fighting fear of the unknown. The most taxing part of the experience may be the darkness of the shadows, which can rob you of the desire to keep going.

We don’t walk this valley alone. Yes, we have our Good Shepherd, but the enemy is present too. He obeys no rules derived from a convention of war. He won’t hesitate to attack wounded prey, and he won’t bring comfort to the dying. The only thing keeping his evil in check is the Shepherd's powerful refusal to abandon His sheep.

One of the greatest challenges of the valley of the shadow is the irony that we walk blinded by sight. What is visible becomes our greatest obstacle to walking by faith. 2 Corinthians 5:7 tells us "We live by faith, not by sight." And just as truly we die in the absence of faith. In the valley we can’t physically see the Shepherd of our souls, but we can see the results of His goodness. By faith we feel the warmth of His presence. We see His comforting, His provision and His plan unfolding. Through the eyes of faith, we see Him intimately as the nail pierced hands hold us in moments of weakness. We know His presence in the darkest of night. We see Him beat back the wolves of loneliness and with His own two hands fight the mountain lions of despair.

I don’t really know where I am in this journey—I only know I’m not where I started. I don’t know how much farther I have to go, but as I stop on this hillside and look back, I realize I’ve come a mighty long way. I inhale the fresh air of my Shepherd’s loving provision and let the sun wash my tear-stained face.

I don’t know how much of the valley of the shadow remains, but I care less today than I did fifteen months ago. My overwhelming desire is that I never live a day, or a moment therein, without the awareness of my Good Shepherd’s presence, provision and protection. He is faithful and true! Jesus alone is worthy of my praise! I love Him more now than ever. I bow before His sovereign will and worship Him for His choices in this life. I accept the pain He inflicts with gladness, because He alone understands why.

I know this may sound over the top, but bear with this trail-worn heart of mine. I wouldn’t miss this journey for anything in the world, because I get to take it with Jesus. He is more precious to me today than fifteen months ago. I wouldn’t go back.

Surviving and Thriving by His Grace!
Ed Litton


Anonymous said...

I prayed for you today. Thank you for sharing your heart with so many hurting people. God is good and I am reminded of that every time I look into the faces of my beautiful children. I am so thankful to be in the loving arms of my Heavenly Father.

Anonymous said...

You are moving and that is why you don't know where u stand. You haven't let the shadows overtake you- veil you from the truth or awareness that our God has called you to a higher purpose other than just to experience this pain. This labor was not in vain-u recognize that and share your story in such a way that brings hope to failing hearts. Thank you. He will continue to lift you higher and your perspective will change again. Just keep sharing your morsals of truth with those who are hungry. Be who u are in the face of adversity and God will take care of the rest.

kimmelissa said...

Pastor Ed,
I am so glad to have found this site through your postings in the Call News. Not a time goes by that I pass the church and whisper a pray for you and your family. I try to ask a coworker who attends your church about your mindset from time to time. I have sat in your presence many times and worshipped with great thanksgiving in my heart that God allowed me to know such a great vessel of His word. I will continue to visit this site daily and quietly watch your progression and worhip with thanksgiving even more that I know you are not only a great vessel of God's word but also a man, a common, true to life being, with daily trials and life lessons in your own world just as we all have in our worlds. You see Ed, to know you are moving forward, if only inches at a time, makes me realize, I too will move forward. Thank you for sharing your world and making me understand, life is about the living, through the bad as well as the good. ~Melissa

Anonymous said...

I have entered the valley in the past week with the death of a sibling. I am at a crisis of belief in my faith. I feel abandoned by God as I have prayed many times for God to protect this sibling. I also understand the feelings do not always dictate truth. However, I don't know how to move forward. I have so many unanswered questions. Just wondering if this is the process of grieving or if you experienced it as well????