Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The Impact of a Wedding Band

In an article entitled, “Marriage Gap Could Sway Elections,” USA Today reported that the wedding band could have the greatest impact upon congressional elections this fall. According to the 2005 Census, House districts held by Republicans are full of married people; Democratic districts are stacked with people who have never married. The article also sited the 2004 Presidential election as more evidence of this divide. According to exit polls conducted by national news organizations, President Bush beat John Kerry by 15 percentage points among married people and lost by 18 percentage points among unmarried people.

The most interesting part of this finding is not political, but what this says about the world view of Americans. What conclusions can be made from these findings? First, the impact of your family is greater than you tend to think. The health and survival of your marriage is critical to the nation, as a whole. Your belief about marriage and family impacts not only your family, but our entire culture. Second, those who are married with children tend to vote differently, because they see life differently. Due to their concern for their legacy to their children, they tend to be cautious about social experiments, such as gay marriage. When done right, parenthood is a self-sacrificing experience. The overwhelming experience of sacrificial love drives people to think less about their rights and more about future generations’ survivability. Third, I think we should find encouragement in this report. It says that living according to a biblical world view, though often lampooned in the popular culture, has a profound effect. (Remember from where the popular culture is broadcast. New York and Hollywood tend to be the most liberal and hostile toward the core values of the Bible.)

We can make a difference in the fly-over zone, as it is often called. We can impact the vast fruited plain of this nation, where normal people live, by living our lives according to biblical truth and love. If we will lead our families and vote, guided by our deepest convictions, we can make a difference.

I am encouraged by a recent report card on marriage in Alabama, published by the Alabama Policy Institute, which reported that we are making progress against the rising tide of divorce in our state. I am convinced we will see even greater progress in the culture, as pastors and people work together to develop strong biblical marriages and stronger biblical world views in our families.

Ed Litton


Anonymous said...

You did not provide any evidence in your post and after a little research I see why. "Bible Belt" states have the highest rate of divorce in the country. Self-identified born-again Christians have the highest divorce rate of any religious group in the country. Me thinks you need to do your homework next time.....
(excerpt from articles...links found below) The Associated Press, using data supplied by the US Census Bureau, found that the highest divorce rates are to be found in the Bible Belt. The AP report stated that "the divorce rates in these conservative states are roughly 50 percent above the national average of 4.2 per thousand people." The 10 Southern states with some of the highest divorce rates were Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, and Texas. By comparison nine states in the Northeast were among those with the lowest divorce rates: Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and Vermont.



Anonymous said...

MORE DATA that drives a stake into your weak and politically motivated article. When did churches start building gyms and buying surround sound and demanding monolithic participation in one political party? By the way, how much do you save on taxes each year because of your status as a religious AND NON PARTISAN organization. That will be interesting to research. Do you have any voter's guides. With these blogs I guess you don't really have to. See you Sunday.

(article pulled from the reality based world--join us!)

Variation in divorce rates among Christian faith groups:

Denomination (in order of decreasing divorce rate) % who have been divorced
Non-denominational (small conservative groups; independents) 34%
Baptists 29%
Mainline Protestants 25%
Mormons 24%
Catholics 21%
Lutherans 21%
Barna's results verified findings of earlier polls: that conservative Protestant Christians, on average, have the highest divorce rate, while mainline Christians have a much lower rate. They found some new information as well: that atheists and agnostics have the lowest divorce rate of all. George Barna commented that the results raise "questions regarding the effectiveness of how churches minister to families." The data challenge "the idea that churches provide truly practical and life-changing support for marriage."

tomberg said...

I don't think I follow the arguments put forth by "anonymous" .....

1. Where is the lack of research in the pastor's statement ??? The opening paragraph cites the 2005 Decennial census .... the numbers are there for anyone to see .... and his statement concerning Dems and Repubs is accurate

2. What has the divorce rate among "born-again Christians" to do with the article ????

3. Where is it stated that the church is demanding monolithic participation in one political party ... I don't see that anywhere in the pastor's article or arguments

4. What has the tax free status of the church have to do with a statement on marriage ??? Seems to me as though anonymous has an agenda that is not necessarily based upon divorce, but may very well have been "set off" by the mention of marriage and family ...

5. The church does not provide "voter's guides" .. only information concerning the various positional stands of the various candidates ...

And I will sign my comment ...
Tom Berg

You see, I have no fear of the knowledge from anyone that I am making the above statements ... and anonymous ... I would love to "see you at church"