Saturday, June 10, 2006

Ignoring the Will of the American People

This week, 48 U.S. Senators voted against giving the people of the United States the opportunity to express their will to limit the institution of marriage to one man and one woman.  The failure to get 60 votes to pass the Federal Marriage Amendment to the Constitution is evidence that there are many in Washington who choose to ignore the
will of the American people.  I would rather not have to amend our constitution to declare what has been obvious for thousands of years, however, I believe we should do so because of the far-reaching arm of the courts to force the will of a few upon the whole.

This is a clear case of social engineering on the part of some in the courts. Republican Senator John McCain of Arizona has indicated that he thinks this is an issue for the states to decide.  Well, Senator, what good does it do for a state to make such a decision only to have a federal court override the will of the people?  In Lawrence vs. Texas the Supreme Court overrode the will of the people of Texas and, in doing so, struck down every sodomy law in every state.

When Senators go back home for reelection, they will not likely make legalizing same sex marriage their top priority.  The truth is that they read polls and they know the mood of the country.  The deeper problem is that  the U.S. Senate refuses to hold the court accountable. By not holding the court’s power in check, they allow our nation to slip away from a democratic republic and slide toward an oligarchy.  In our Constitutional government, the United States Senate is the first line of defense against a tyrannical judiciary.  Many U.S. Senators surrendered their responsibility a long time ago.  They have allowed the courts to gain power and take a great many messy social issues off of their backs.  In doing so, some Senators won reelection and grew in influence and power, but the will of the people paid the price.  Mr. Lincoln, I am afraid that government by the people, for the people, is fading away.

Nevertheless, our duty is to hold our representatives accountable. Keep expressing your opinions to your Senators, holding them accountable and demand that they fulfill their constitutional duty to hold the courts accountable.  If they refuse find people who will serve the greater good and replace them through the ballot box. We did not really expect to win the Marriage Amendment the first time it went to the floor of the Senate.  We will need to go back again and again until it passes and the people have a right to be heard.

Ed Litton

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