Monday, March 27, 2006

Why are Liberals Sweating?

Even though global warming seems to garner almost unending press coverage, that’s not what makes social liberals sweat.  What is making them sweat with worry?  Two events took place last week that could make liberals afraid, very afraid.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, more than 25,000 evangelical youth gathered in San Francisco for a rally to resist popular culture. Battle Cry for a Generation is led by 44 year old Ron Luce, founder of Teen Mania, a Christian Student Ministry.  Luce wants the Bible to guide young people away from the corrupting influence of popular culture. With very little national media attention, the group was met by protesters dressed in drag, demanding that the group leave the city. In an unprecedented move, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors passed a resolution condemning the teen gathering as an "act of provocation" by what it termed "anti-gay, anti-choice" organizations that aimed to "negatively influence the politics of America's most tolerant and progressive city."  Stop the press!  Did you catch that?  “... the most tolerant city in America?“  They are tolerant of every form of perversion, but not tolerant of a group of teenagers in love with Jesus.  The young people were met by protesters at a City Hall rally earlier last week.  The two groups were separated by barricades and six feet of neutral sidewalk in front of the City Hall that was the backdrop of gay marriages a year earlier.  On one side of the barricade was girl carrying a sign that said, "Instead of porn, show us Godly relationships." On the other, a woman held a sign that said, "I moved here to get away from people like you."

The second sign that liberals may be sweating like Richard Nixon's upper lip also took place in San Francisco.  Famed film producer George Lucas was in town to receive the "Global Vision Award" by the World Affairs Council.  In his acceptance speech, Lucas called for a "more worldly Hollywood."  (You've got to be kidding!)  Lucas was encouraging a new generation of film makers to produce films that reflect world values more than America's "provincial" values.   Lucas said: "An onus is on film makers to be careful with the messages they send, because they speak "with a very loud voice."   George is right.  The onus is on film makers to understand the power of film in influencing entire generations and cultures.

We need filmmakers to make movies that bring a compelling message of hope to their generation.  We need young people to take a stand and show the world that they will not tolerate the sick and perverted tactics of the proceeding generation.   We need people who will fight for their generation in order to save themselves from the self-serving clutch of their predecessors.  We need more than 25,000 Christian teen, but it’s a good start.

While these stories may have escaped mainstream media attention, I think they have not escaped the liberals. The response of the Board of Supervisors and Lucas may indicate the first signs of liberal perspiration.  They may have miscalculated a new generation of Americans and their willingness to resist popular culture.  Rise up, youth, and fight for your generation!  Do not be shouted down by those who see themselves as the most progressive and tolerant people in America.  They are neither and in their hypocrisy, they know it.

Ed Litton

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AmberG said...

God give my children courage and make our home a strong fortress of your word!